DISCLAIMER: Winter Springs Cycling is a non-profit organization comprised of unpaid volunteers who assume no responsibility for your safety and well-being. We care deeply about our fellow riders, and while every effort is made to conduct safe rides, cycling is a dangerous and often unpredictable sport that can lead to serious injury and even death. When you ride with us, you ride at your own risk. You must wear a helmet, refrain from wearing earbuds or other types of headphones, and obey all established ride rules and Florida traffic laws for the safety of all.


Safety is our number goal on any and all Winter Springs Cycling hosted rides. We adhere to and follow all Florida Bicycle Laws Please familiarize yourself with the law as you are ultimately responsible for your riding actions.

Our club motto is "Ride As One". Please follow the below general rules for group pace line riding to ensure that we start the ride "As One" and more importantly, finish the ride "As One".

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