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All riders that fit into the skill and pace level for our rides are invited and welcome to come out and join us. At this time membership is open and free to everyone.

HOWEVER, we will ask you to sign a Safety Affirmation and Liability Release before riding with us.

Why do I have to sign?
Because... We want you to clearly acknowledge the risks associated with cycling and state that you are competent to undertake such risks; we want you to clearly understand that YOU are ultimately responsible for your safety; and we want to protect our unpaid, volunteer ride leadership and club officers from liability.

If you are not one already, some day YOU may be a ride leader (we aim to make every rider a ride leader) so this form will help protect you!

Download, print, and sign the release form, then bring it to your next ride and deliver it to a ride leader. Alternatively, you may scan a signed copy and email it to



DISCLAIMER: Winter Springs Cycling is a non-profit organization comprised of unpaid volunteers who assume no responsibility for your safety and well-being. We care deeply about our fellow riders, and while every effort is made to conduct safe rides, cycling is a dangerous and often unpredictable sport that can lead to serious injury and even death. When you ride with us, you ride at your own risk. You must wear a helmet, refrain from wearing earbuds or other types of headphones, and obey all established ride rules and Florida traffic laws for the safety of all.

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